Anna Clock | Téada Orchestra
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Téada Orchestra

  • Role: Creative Director, Programmer, Lead Cellist on a rotating basis.
  • Dates active: July 2013 – July 2015.

Téada Orchestra (téada being the Irish word for ‘string’) is a group of 20 violin, viola, cello and double bass players who came together through their love of string music, and now form Dublin’s newest orchestral collective. Coming from such diverse musical backgrounds as classical, trad and jazz, at Téada we aim to explore and stretch the sonic possibilities of our instruments by collaborative playing and experimentation, as well as simply play the jewels of string repertoire, which are rarely if ever performed in Ireland. We like to stage ourselves in interesting and unique spaces around the city, and are keen collaborators with other artistic groups. Our events are full-on immersive experiences. Téada Orchestra was co-founded in July 2013 and is co-directed by Anna Clock, Matt Rafter and Timothy Doyle.

During my time as Creative Director we successfully staged a series of 5 sold out concerts co-produced with Ensemble, featuring collaborations with film-makers, video game composers, visual artists, set designers, dancers, vocalists and caterers.



Téada Orchestra presents DANCE, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin, May 2015, capacity 200


Téada Orchestra presents PIXELS, Sugar Club, Dublin, December 2014, capacity 220


Téada Orchestra presents SONGS, St Michan’s Church, Dublin, June 2014, capacity 250

‘Spring Awakenings’

Téada Orchestra presents SPRING AWAKENINGS, South Studios, Dublin, February 2014, capacity 140

‘An Evening of Music’

An Evening of Music with Téada Orchestra, The Back Loft, Dublin, December 2013, capacity 100