Anna Clock | Film
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Dizzy Zebra Visuals Showreel

Role: Music & Sound

Projects & Overhangs

by Louis-Jack Horton-Stephens

Role: Sound designer & Foley Artist

Past screenings:

  • Doremifasolasido (2016), Florence Art Centre (UK).
  • Open Return (2016), Open School East (UK).

Upcoming screenings:

  • Japan Media Arts Festival (2017), The National Art Centre Tokyo (Japan).
  • Merz Barn 70th Anninversary (2017), Merz Barn (UK).

The Fall of Mitzi Sheinman

by Ben Mallaby

Written by and starring Andrew Clifford

Role: Composer

To be released Spring 2017

Tape Piece

by Sarah Rowland Hill

Role: Composer

Past screenings:

  • Science Lates – Graphene: Wonder Materials (July 2016) opening at Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester (UK).

Any Which Way

by Sophia Hersi Smith

Role: Composer

Past screenings:

  • Audiovisual Festival (2013), Contemporary Music Centre (IRL).


By Liadain Kaminska

Role: Composer

Past screenings:

  • Fractal presented by Note Productions (2013), Odessa (IRL).