Anna Clock | Constellations
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CONSTELLATIONS is a collaboration with scenographer Lauren Tata, developed with the support of Second Movement and first performed at The Cockpit, Marylebone, on December 5th 2016. It is an immersive, sensorial experience that sits somewhere between the genres of electronic music and experimental theatre.

What are we really looking for when we tilt our heads to the night sky?
CONSTELLATIONS is an exploration of humanity’s relationship to the cosmos through sound, music and bodies in space.
Inspired by images from the Hubble extreme Deep Field and video from the NASA space station as well as myths, memories and our own personal relationships with stargazing, we create a multi-sensorial experience that traverses the boundaries of analogue and digital and wanders through the celestial depths of loneliness and intimacy.

[CONSTELLATIONS is the latest iteration of a project spanning four years. Clock and Tata came together to combine Tata’s background in architecture and performance design with music and words that Clock had written over several years. Clock uses a combination of the raw human voice, keys and electronics to transport you into a different dimension of time whilst Tata’s manual manipulation of foamboard, paper and acetate on a primitive overhead projector transforms the space and takes the audience on a journey into their own relationship with the night sky – and everything that it symbolises in our culture.

In this ‘post-truth’ world where the physical and digital are increasingly inseparable and reality increasingly feels incomprehensible and fictional, we often find ourselves wishing we could just run away and escape on to another planet. In our work, we aim to create something that reminds ourselves of our ability to engage with our environmental surroundings and the power we have in working together to determine our position in the world.]


CONSTELLATIONS Live at The Cockpit – Showcase/Extracts

CONSTELLATIONS by Anna Clock & Lauren Tata, performed live at The Cockpit, London, on 5/12/16. This video is a combination of footage from the live performance and live video taken from the projection.

Reviews / Audience Testimonials: