Anna Clock | At Sea
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At Sea

Role: Sound Designer, Composer, Performer
Company: Just the Lads
Performances: Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin (March 2014); New Theatre, Dublin as part of Dublin Tiger Fringe (September 2014).

At Sea was produced and directed by Just the Lads theatre company and ran March 4 – 6th 2014 in the Samuel Beckett theatre, and after significant redevelopment from September 7th – 13th in the New Theatre, Temple Bar, as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2014. The design team (music, sound, visuals, set design) were nominated for ‘Best Design’ in the Tiger Dublin Fringe Awards. My role was as musician, composer and performer. I also worked closely with co-director Liadain Kaminska on re-developing the script.

‘Dementia is like having your life rolled up in a rug, the memories fading as they are gathered in. But within this dusty darkness imagination runs riot. Snapshots of a life emerge into the light. In unruly succession, often quiet and sometimes very loud, two musicians and one performer compose a mosaic of images, sounds and voices that make up the waning memories of one old man. Drawing on personal encounters with dementia, the team behind 2013’s The Last Post create an unforgettable performance about forgetting.’



Photos by Kasia Kaminska.